Ode to an asexual

Poem published with Strange Horizons 6th of January 2020; it can be found here, along with a podcast version of the same poem.


Poem published with Abyss&Apex on 1st of January 2021; you can read it here. Audio version is also available.

Stop the Traffic

Poem published in the anthology “S!t Men Say to Me: A Response to Toxic Masculinity.” May 16th 2021. Can be found on Moon Tide Press’ website or on amazon.

Queering the Quarantine

Two of my poems were a part of the online exhibition showing works by queer artists, made during quarantine in 2020. You can see the poems “Four-colour mask” and “Climb.” on their website here.

Short Stories

Last Year’s Water

In June 2020, the short story “Last Year’s Water” was accepted for an anthology celebrating the 150-years anniversary of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” The anthology, published by Pole to Pole publishing, can be found in e-book and paperbook format here and at various other online booksellers.

A Moral Majority

Published end of May 2021 in Luna Station Quarterly issue 046. “A Moral Majority” is a queer Sci-Fi story about morality and belonging. You can read it for free here on LSQ’s webpage.

The Dawn Was Gray

Published July 2021 with Underland Press, for the third issue of Underland Arcana. The short story deals with war, death and desertion through a mythological lens. You can read it for free here on their website, or find the book to buy as e-book or paperback online

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